Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Wondrous and the Wicked by Page Morgan

(4/5 stars)

"The Waverly sisters must save themselves before all is lost.

Since the Waverlys arrived in Paris, the streets have grown more fearsome by the day. As Ingrid learns to master her lectrux gift, she must watch Axia's power grow strong enough to extend beyond her Underneath hive. By all indications, the fallen angel's Harvest is near-and the timing couldn't be worse.

Targeted by vengeful gargoyles, Gabby has been exiled to London for her own protection. Meanwhile, the gargoyle castes are in disarray, divided between those who want Luc to lead them and those who resent him and his fondness for humans. The Alliance is crumbling from the inside as well, its members turning against one another, and possibly against the Waverlys, too.

Axia has promised that the world will burn. And now, unable to trust the Alliance, separated from Luc, Gabby, and her twin, Grayson, Ingrid is left to face the demon uprising alone."

You guys remember my reviews of The Beautiful and the Cursed and The Lovely and the Lost, right? So it seems that with every book in this series, I like the story more and more. I really liked this one, guys. It was a great finale to the trilogy and I'm glad I kept reading.

What I liked: Two things that I've repeated with its predecessors. 1) This series has become its own beast and has broken away from all the other things I kept comparing it to in my brain. 2) I still want more gargoyle books. There's gotta be a market for it, and somebody's gotta write them! Now onto the new stuff. The ending was an epic battle and made me like Ingrid for like twenty pages--small victories. Mostly, I still love this dark and dangerous world that feels so much like our own but with some paranormal twists. I'm glad that their mother gets semi-involved, especially towards the end, and I loved seeing how much she stuck up for them and didn't dismiss any of their crazy ideas. Supportive parents are always a pleasure to read about. Gabby is still my forever favorite and her relationship with Nolan is swoon worthy. Seriously. She's also become such a fighter, and her character development is off the charts. I loved seeing scenes in Grayson's point of view because they're so rare but so interesting. He doesn't ever feel fully human to me, even in this one, and it's a refreshing glimpse at the situation through his eyes. I also liked Luc's fate at the end. He kinda grew on me through this book and I found myself weirdly rooting for him and Ingrid. 

What I didn't like: I still didn't care for Ingrid's little love triangle. It still felt forced and I didn't believe she believed she had enough grounds to reject anybody. Because, when the time came for her to say no to so-and-so (no spoilers), she still told him she loved him. It all felt fake to me. It could all come down to the fact that I can't stand Ingrid as a character. I don't see her develop and she stayed super weak and passive for 90% of the book. She was only super cool in the last 20-30 pages and that was only because something big happened to push her that way. I guess I just find Ingrid too naive. She's always walking into a trap or getting herself caught because she thinks she knows exactly what she's doing--or because she's not thinking at all. It's hard to read a series and not like the main character. 

All in all, I'm glad I gave this series a chance because in the end, the positives outweighed the negatives. It was worth the read and had that 'something different'. 


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